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Marriage and Relationship Therapy 

Marriage Therapy provides you with an opportunity to heal and strengthen your relationship.   Marriage and Relationship Therapy is a confidential place to discuss YOUR concerns about your relationship.  The difference between having the discussion with your partner in the living room and my office is a third party to help the conversation stay productive.  Sometimes when you have tried to talk about the same thing over and over again, you both stop listening to understand each other instead you listen to respond; before you know it YOU are having different conversations!  ​​

Have you and your partner attempted to work on your relationship numerous times; however seem to fall back into old patterns?  Marriage and Relationship Therapy is an excellent resource to ensure new patterns develop and last forever!  As an expert in Marriage and Relationship Therapy, I provide effective tools to address a variety of challenges that are occurring in relationships.  
Intimacy Issues
Controlling/Angry Relationships
Struggles with Communication (It seems like we just can’t talk to each other)
Negative relationship patterns

​Trust Issues (Hiding cell phone, texting others, not being honest about whereabouts)
Differences in Sexual Desire or Styles
Sexless Relationship
Sexual Addiction
Can't Stop Having the Same Argument
Difference in Parenting Styles 

Marriage Relationship Therapy 

Do you feel disconnected from your partner? Are you unhappy in your relationship?  Are you feeling more like roommates then lovers? Are you looking at your partner saying, how did we get here?  You are in the right place!  I specialize in helping couples reconnect and gain physical and emotional intimacy.  Ultimately repairing your relationship, filling it with love and happiness. 

During our sessions together, we will address emotional distress you are experiencing; including thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions that could be getting in the way of your relationship.  I will provide knowledge, expertise, emotional support, and a tailored treatment plan to help achieve your goals.  I will offer proven tools to make life changing and lasting changes in your personal (incl. relationships, marriages, and intimate) lives. 
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