Nicole Crump, LCSW
Therapy for Today's Couples, Individuals, and Families

Individual Therapy

Therapy can help you reclaim YOUR life!

​Have you found yourself experiencing any of these:

Low Energy
Loss of sexual desire

Unstable relationships
Relationship Issues
High levels of stress
Lack of interest 

If so, you are not alone! I want you to know there is hope and help.  

​Are you finding yourself thinking or saying any of the following:
       I can't believe he/she did that to me....
       Why is this happening to me?
       People tell me I am a great person, so why am I still alone?
       I am so tired of feeling like....
       Why do I feel so empty?
       How do I move on from.......
       I am so alone
       It seems like I keep picking the same type of person in every relationship

I hear all the time how people feel alone.  Or they feel this deep sadness they can't explain or put into words.  Sometimes we feel the need to solve our issues alone, however we can get stuck.  As human beings we can deny anything to ourselves; even how we are getting in our own way.  That is where a third party (a therapist like me!) can help you reexamine whatever you are experiencing and gain new insight and solutions to achieve your happiness and goals.  

Regardless of the issues you are having, I want to help.  In fact, that is why I am here. You want to feel better and I want you to as well.
Nicole Crump, LCSW helps individuals dealing with many issues and concerns.  Are you finding life to be overwhelming and stressful?   There are so many demands today from: work, family, parenting, and relationships.  We find ourselves feeling all alone and not sure where to turn.  Nicole Crump is here to help you sort through YOUR STRESSORS, to find inner peace.  She is conveniently located in the Brighton and Pittsford area.

Growth is painful 
Change is painful
But nothing is as painful
as staying stuck
you don't belong