Nicole Crump, LCSW
Therapy for Today's Couples, Individuals, and Families

Nicole Crump, LCSW

Reaching out for help while facing a personal challenge is difficult, it takes a great leap of courage, trust, and fearlessness!  I feel honored people welcome me into their most scared thoughts, feelings and relationships..  I am blessed to come to work everyday!  I have dedicated my career to helping couples find love again with one another; opening their hearts and souls for true intimacy.  I have helped families achieve peace, open communication, and calmness.  I have helped individuals find their purpose in their lives, inner happiness, and balance.

Nicole has spent over fifteen years providing prevention, intervention, and treatment to couples, individuals, and families.   She assisted couples with utilizing effective communication skills.  Through the therapeutic process, couples decreased arguments; as they learned new positive ways to express themselves.  Nicole is an expert working with couples; helping them restore a loving, meaningful, and enriching long term relationship.   

She has a strong desire to help individuals, couples, and families struggling and in need of regaining their equilibrium.  Nicole is an expert with helping family's improve their bond and attachment with one another. 

Nicole has worked in the adoption world.  She understands the struggles along with accomplishments associated with adoption.  She has nourished the strength within couples/families during the process.  Nicole has helped couples resolve their grief.  There are numerous trials and tribulations within the adoption world; couples face unique challenges adopting infants, internationally and older special needs children which can lead to feeling alone and isolated because those around may not understand.  

Nicole completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from SUNY Brockport, specializing in adolescent disorders and therapy.  She then obtained her Master's Degree in Social Work from Syracuse University, specializing in Individual, Children, Couples and Family Therapy.  Nicole is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, licensed to practice in New York State and a member of the National Associations of Social Workers.