Nicole Crump, LCSW
Therapy for Today's Couples, Individuals, and Families

 Modern Therapy Services Specializes in helping Couples and Individuals experiencing a difficult time! 

Modern Therapy Services is a psychotherapy private practice located in Pittsford, NY; working with Couple's and Individual's in and around the Rochester, NY area.  Nicole Crump, LCSW specializes in Marriage Therapy, Relationship Therapy and Individual Therapy.  The purpose of our therapy services' is to help guide you: by building from your strengthens, exploring your challenges, and finding personalized ways to cope with your life stressors.  Everyone wants to feel happiness, joy, and inner peace; at some point we all need a little help through the numbness and pain.  We all have our struggles; know that there are resources; people who care and can help you!  

Marriage Therapy/Relationship Therapy can help: When you have tried to work on your relationship yourselves but things are not getting better, I am here to help! In fact, that is my specialty. 

Is your relationship experiencing:
The same fight over and over again with no resolution?
Feeling criticized, judged?
Not having sex any more? How/when did sex stop being important?
​Sexless Relationship?
Can we get that sexual spark again?

​He/She is so controlling, angry, mean.
My husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend had an affair.  Now what? Can we get past this?
Loss of connection with each other.
Feeling unloved, unimportant, invisible?
​Why can't we talk to each other?
Communication Issues?
What happened to our communication?
What happened to our trust?

Individual Therapy  can help when life looks happy on the outside but inside you feel unhappy, anxious, stressed, and alone. You are not alone; this is common.  I am here to help you discover your inner peace! 
Do you find yourself:
Unstable Relationships?
​Lack of energy?
​Struggling through daily life?
How do I deal with all this pressure from..

Why can't I find someone special?
What is wrong with me.....
Is this it?
Will I ever be happy?
Why am I so angry?
I am lonely.

Nicole Crump understands that life is busy, can be overwhelming but when you are fighting with a loved one, feeling lonely, misunderstood life can be even more difficult.  All you want to do is feel better but you are not sure how to do that.  Therapy can be beneficial and very helpful because the therapist is not apart of your life; so you don't have to be worried about what you say, you can be truthful about what you are thinking and feeling about your situation.  Therapy gives you peace of mind; sometimes when we are talking to family members, friends, co workers, or loved ones; we don't want to share certain things.  We have thoughts such as: if I share ......... they will look at me differently or I don't want them to judge my decisions about .........? or I don't want them to view my relationship.... or if I share ....... how will that impact our relationship/friendship? or will it really stay between us or will they share it with others? 
Therapy offers You confidentiality!